Backstage Details On Pre-Dynamite AEW Talent Meeting

You may have heard by now that there was an AEW talent meeting prior to last night's "AEW Dynamite" and "AEW Rampage" tapings. And while details have been coming in regarding who spoke and was said during the meeting since it concluded, a new report provides some of the most in-depth info on what went down behind closed doors.

According to PWInsider, the meeting was bookended by AEW owner and CEO Tony Khan, with AEW VP Pat Buck, Senior Producer, Special Advisor & Talent Relations Tony Schiavone, Chris Jericho, AEW EVP's The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, and Chief Legal Officer Megha Parekh also speaking. Khan began the meeting talking about the changes to AEW's talent relations and development department, as well as recent reports of WWE contacting AEW talent.

The report noted that Khan was very animated while discussing this, noting how WWE had dominated wrestling and AEW was now a viable alternative. Buck would talk about the need for AEW talent to respect coaches/producers, stating that the new structure would lead to them going to coaches more, as opposed to just approaching Khan, and how talents could pitch ideas going forward. 

Kenny Omega Reportedly Gives Tough Love Speech To AEW Locker Room

Meanwhile, Schiavone used his time to discuss his past experiences in WCW, using that as an example for his recent promotion in the talent relations department. Sources told PWInsider that Schiavone came off well, with the AEW announcer being described as the "uncle who wanted all the kids in his family to succeed."

As for Jericho and the Bucks, PWInsider reported that the JAS leader's speech was an attempt to rally the troops, while the Bucks, notably Matt Jackson, stressed that they were easy to find and available for anyone who wanted to speak to them. This then led to Omega, who reportedly gave the most polarizing speech of the meeting. Sources were split in describing Omega's speech, with some referring to it as "tough love" that tried to motivate the roster, while others found it to be "heavy-handed."

After Omega, Parekh discussed aspects related to legal issues before handing the floor back to Khan. The AEW head closed the meeting with another impassioned speech about AEW and how much he had put into it. Notably, no reports on the meeting so far have directly mentioned anything to do with CM Punk and the rumored internal strife going on within the promotion, although the meeting happening does seem to be in some ways a reaction to those rumors.