WWE SmackDown And AEW Rampage Dip In Viewership Heading Into Clash At The Castle And All Out

"WWE SmackDown" and "AEW Rampage" both encountered a dip in viewership as both promotions head toward big events this weekend. Wrestlenomics shared viewership information for Friday night and the August 26 episode of  "SmackDown" dropped by five percent in total viewership as it received 1,990,000 million average viewers. There is a silver lining to that number as the key demographic did witness an uptick. The 18-49 demographic tuned in at a number of 626,000, up two percent for a 0.48 P18-49 rating.

"Rampage," however, wasn't as fortunate. Friday night's airing was seen by 431,000 average viewers, down seven percent in total viewership. The key demographic drop was even steeper as the 18-49 audience was down nine percent, or 143,000 average viewers for a 0.11 P18-49 rating.

Ranking-wise, "SmackDown" had a commanding lead on all programs in the 18-49 demographic with its 0.48 rating with "20/20" coming in second with a 0.38 P18-49 rating. "Rampage" came in at no. 22 overall for cable originals and found itself 35 spots behind "Smackdown" at no. 36 in broadcast primetime.

However, when looking back a year, "SmackDown" is down in viewership. The episode on August 27, 2021 received 2,250,000 viewers on average, 12 percent more than this week's show. The drop in key demographic is even steeper with a 0.59 rating last year, 19 percent greater than this week.

"Rampage's" decrease is even more drastic. In comparison to last year, Friday's episode is down 40 percent in total viewership (722,000 viewers on average). The P18-49 rating from last year was 0.34, making this year's audience down 68 percent. 

"Rampage" attempted to put its best foot forward as it showcased a Ring of Honor World Championship fight between Dustin Rhodes and Claudio Castagnoli while "SmackDown" fanned the flames of WWE's Undisputed World Title feud between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre.