Dominik Mysterio Heel Turn Incoming?

Could Dominik Mysterio finally be on the verge of turning to the dark side?

On the 8/29 edition of "WWE Raw," there were several hints that Dominik could betray his father, the legendary Rey Mysterio, as soon as this Saturday at the Clash at the Castle premium live event.

During Edge's face-off with Judgment Day, the Mysterios made a run-in to even the odds, helping the WWE Hall of Famer avoid a beatdown at the hands of Finn Balor & Damian Priest. During the brawl, Rhea Ripley was stranded in the ring with Dominik, who threatened to attack her with a kendo stick. However, Ripley talked Dominik into handing over the foreign object before walking away with her fellow Judgment Day members.

When Dominik handed over the kendo stick, cameras caught Rey looking annoyed with his son and having a few words with him. Over the past few weeks, Ripley has been targeting Dominik, referring to herself as his "Papi" and mocking the Mysterios in the process.

Later on "WWE Raw," Dominik questioned his father's decision to choose Edge as his tag team partner in a match against Judgment Day at Clash at the Castle.

Rey responded, "I need that experience by my side. You understand, right? Hey, I still need you in our corner, though. Will you be there for us?"

Dominik would reluctantly accept his father's offer, promising to be in Rey & Edge's corner against Judgment Day.

Judgment Day had previously tried to recruit Dominik to their faction. Could Dominik finally join Balor, Priest & Ripley during Saturday's event in Cardiff, Wales?