Seth Rollins And Riddle Brawl In Parking Lot And Get Personal In Interview On WWE Raw

Over the last couple of months, we have seen Seth Rollins and Riddle at each other's throats. After Rollins (kayfabe) injured Riddle ahead of SummerSlam, their match scheduled for that event was put on hold. It's now set for the next big WWE premium live event, Clash at the Castle. Just five days before they step inside a ring, Rollins and Riddle got their hands on one another before tonight's edition of "Raw."


Some fans waiting outside the arena were treated to an unexpected surprise. Riddle and Rollins approached each other in the parking lot outside the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and started brawling right then and there. The fight wouldn't last long though as WWE personnel swooped in to break up the altercation, but the entire situation just adds a brand new layer to their rivalry.

After the altercation, the two were separated for an interview segment on "Raw." They talked over each other before Rollins eventually got his voice heard saying Riddle wasn't on his level. Riddle told Rollins he was going to embarrass Rollins like Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes did before him. Rollins threatened to injure Riddle as he did to Rhodes, before predicting he was going to "steal the show" at Clash at the Castle. Riddle told Rollins that he was going to prove that there's only one man in Rollins' family: his wife, Becky Lynch.


Seth Rollins Crosses The Line

The interview segment ended, and "Raw" went to a commercial break. However, when the show returned from the break, WWE showed what happened after the interview ended, and things got even more personal between Rollins told Riddle.


"You don't have a family because your wife divorced you and your kids don't want to see your b*tch a** anymore," Rollins told Riddle.

This caused Riddle to blow up and leave to go find Rollins, but not before shouting many curse words, including the dreaded f-bomb. Riddle and his ex-wife divorced earlier this year. The issues between the two were aired out publicly during the final months of their 11-year marriage.

Rollins and Riddle will finally collide at Clash at the Castle on Saturday. It'll be the first time they've met in a match since a tag team contest in July involving Bobby Lashley and Mr. Money in the Bank, Theory. It is also going to be the first time the two have faced off one-on-one since all the way back in February.