How Did Dexter Lumis Impact The 8/29 WWE Raw?

Dexter Lumis continued to traumatize The Miz on the 8/29 edition of "WWE Raw" in Pittsburgh, PA.

During the first hour of the show, The Miz was approached by backstage interviewer Kevin Patrick, and later by Adam Pearce, and asked to comment on Lumis kidnapping him the previous week. However, The Miz refused to talk about Lumis, emphasizing that Lumis is not even a WWE Superstar. Pearce also brought up how Lumis was released from police custody due to The Miz's refusal to press charges, urging the A-Lister to speak on the matter or continue to be haunted by Lumis.

Later, during The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley match, The Miz would get spooked by an abrupt Lumis sighting in the crowd. However, the match continued after The Miz was calmed down by Ciampa. Towards the closing stages of the match, Lumis would once appear in the crowd, leaving The Miz speechless and terrified. Just as The Miz asked Ciampa to get security, Lumis disappeared once again, leading to Lashley finishing off The Miz with the Hurt Lock.

Finally, just as The Miz prepared to leave the arena in his SUV, Ciampa asked him if he will be alright and A-Lister assured his ally he will be fine. Kevin Patrick then walked up for comments on the Lumis sighting from earlier, and The Miz once again refused to talk about Lumis. Just as The Miz prepared to drive off, cameras caught Lumis sitting in the back seat. The crowd popped as "WWE Raw" cut to a commercial.