Nyla Rose On What She Finds Disrespectful About American Pro Wrestling Fans

Nyla Rose has a pet peeve when it comes to American wrestling fans. "In America, you tell people you're a wrestler and they're like 'is it the fake s***?'" Nyla told the "Complex Unsanctioned" podcast. "That's the first thing they say! Ok, even if it was or wasn't that's like hella disrespectful because I just told you I do it. Like why would your immediate reaction be 'let me s*** on it,' that's wild."

The former AEW Women's World Champion feels a lack of respect towards wrestling in North America when compared to her time wrestling for Japanese promotions like Sendai Girls. "I wrote [on my customs form] 'entertainer/professional wrestler.' The customs agent, who damn well has no idea who Nyla Rose is, reads this and goes 'professional wrestler!?'" Rose gushed. "I made his day like he met a doctor or a president or something. Just respected on a different level there."

Nyla said that moments like that were common in her time in Japan, despite not being a name-brand talent in the country. "It wasn't that they cared I was Nyla Rose. They were just happy to meet a wrestler. Wrestling means so much you could be whoever but wrestling as a form of entertainment brings so many people happiness and so much enjoyment, they were just happy to meet a wrestler." While Rose might chafe at Americans' insistence on calling out the pre-determined nature of wrestling, Rose is grateful for her time in AEW, recently revealing that AEW EVP Kenny Omega reached out to bring her into the company at a point when she was "so down on [her]self."