Dakota Kai Reveals How Her WWE Return Came About

 The WWE women's division has experienced growth recently, thanks mainly to the main roster debuts of IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. The former "NXT" stars joined forces with Bayley and together they've wreaked havoc on "Raw" and "SmackDown" since their emergence at SummerSlam.

For Kai, who was released from WWE back in April, the return was about as chaotic as the role she plays alongside her new faction, as she learned about her return to the company on incredibly short notice. In an interview with Today FM, Kai further explained how unexpected her return at SummerSlam truly was.

"I literally got told about all of this a day before, it was really that much of a whirlwind," She explained.

Kai's return came after months of contemplation for the Kiwi, who had briefly rebranded herself as "King Kota" following her WWE departure. Despite this, Kai remained inactive throughout her time away from the company.

"There had been a few conversations, but nothing official." Kai clarified, "I didn't even know if I wanted to do this anymore."

Kai cited her relationship with Paul "Triple H" Levesque as a primary reason for her return to the WWE.

"I think my relationship with Hunter from before when I was in 'NXT,' he knows me and he knows what I am capable of," Kai continued, " It's safe to say he is a big reason why I am part of everything now."

One of Levesque's first major decisions as the new Head of Creative and the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations was the reintroduction of Kai and SKY, a move that has rejuvenated the main roster product and has helped reestablish the women's division as a focal point of WWE programming.