Jonah Teases Potential AEW Appearance

Jonah, who once competed as Bronson Reed in "WWE NXT," appears to be in high demand in the wrestling industry despite being locked down to one promotion at the moment. Andrew Zarian reported that WWE has interest in bringing Jonah back to the company once his NJPW deal is up, but Jonah is a bit busy at the moment. In fact, his schedule is so full that he had to part ways with Impact Wrestling. During an appearance on NBC Sports Boston's "Ten Count," Jonah explained his relationship with Impact to Steve Fall following the departure.

"Just a mutual agreement," Jonah said. "Going different ways, again, this is something that isn't final. It's something where you could see me in Impact still later on this year or possibly next year."

Jonah explained that at first, there wasn't a scheduling conflict working for both NJPW and Impact, but with Japan opening its doors to foreigners again, NJPW's schedule has picked up, and as a result, that is where his main focus will be. But of course, that could eventually allow him to fold in another American promotion as well. NJPW and AEW have become quite chummy over the past few months, and the so-called "forbidden door" has never been more open.

"I'm not 100% too sure," Jonah said of going to work for AEW. "I would say nothing is ever off the boards, but I myself have been doing stuff for New Japan Strong, trying to grow that brand here, the American version of New Japan, but at the same time I haven't debuted yet in Japan. So I'm not sure. AEW might want some of those guys that have been in Japan for a little while to kick down that door, but I am around. So you never know."