Bobby Fish Confirms 'There's Still Conflict' With Another Top AEW Tag Star

Bobby Fish isn't afraid to blur the lines of reality — as a matter of fact, he thinks that's good for business. Fish recently fired up his new podcast, "Undisputed," and talked to his co-hosts about how he recently had the good kind of tension with Dax Harwood backstage. Fish made clear he'd say names because, in his words, "Who gives a f***."

"FTR and us, we had a thing, and I won't really get into the details," Fish said, "But Dax and I got into it, and at the end of the day, we were both able to be professional, completely professional about it, but even if we weren't, it's okay! And you could have then put us on TV, that night or the following week, and we would have been professional, but there would have been animosity and there would have been conflict, and still to this day, there probably would be a little bit, And that's palpable, and that's money."

Fish has recently expressed his distaste for how some talents still have a thirst for dirty backstage politics, but he does find financial satisfaction in pseudo-settling scores in the ring.

"If you got two professionals, it won't go someplace it shouldn't, but it can still go to these kind of weird, 'shoot work' sort of places that I think that business is missing nowadays," he said.

Since heading to AEW last October, Fish worked matches with established veterans like CM Punk and Bryan Danielson before ultimately reuniting with his Undisputed Era brothers, Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly, now known as the Undisputed Elite. However, injuries hampered any storyline developments for the trio and Fish is currently the only healthy one of the three.