WWE Tweets Out Previously Banned Word

They did it. They actually said the thing ... well, tweeted it at least.

"Wrestling," WWE's official twitter account said on Thursday. The tweet appears to be part of a corporate meme trend, as the Washington Post tweeted "news," while fellow publication Axios responded with "source." Amtrak tweeted "trains" and Bloomberg tweeted "business."  While apparently part of a trend, the former World Wrestling Entertainment deciding on "wrestling" instead of "entertainment," does feel like a sign of a new ethos in the company.

It had been reported earlier in August that certain "banned terms" in WWE would no longer be forbidden in the wake of Triple H taking over the company's creative direction. Drew McIntyre even said, "We're wrestlers in a wrestling ring, let's frickin' wrestle," during a fiery verbal exchange with Kevin Owens last month, spewing the dreaded "w-word" three times in a row.

McIntyre wasn't the only one brandishing banned words in WWE, as Cody Rhodes was fond of using terms like "belt" before he was sidelined with a torn pectoral muscle. Though since Rhodes was letting those words fly during the Vince McMahon regime, he ended up having to pay $1,000 each time he used a banned word. R-Truth once reiterated what many WWE Superstars have stated, that the former WWE Chairman & CEO believes a belt is for holding up pants.

McMahon's insistence on "sports entertainment" over "professional wrestling" stemmed from McMahon's desire to free what was then the World Wrestling Federation from the rules -and fees- of the various state athletic commissions. While athletic commissions in many states no longer oversee professional wrestling, some states still take an active hand in the business, as seen during various WrestleMania weekends in New Orleans, Louisiana, where independent companies were frustrated by the Louisiana Athletics Commission.