Kenny Omega Responds To Fans Concerned About Modes In AEW Fight Forever

"AEW Fight Forever" had a big month in August, with the developing product seeing the launch of its official website, a new trailer unveiled at THQ Nordic's Digital Showcase, and even a win for Best Sports/Racing Game when previewed at GamesCom, the world's biggest game conference. Kenny Omega, the video game's creative director, takes great pride in the successful path "Fight Forever" has started on. And for fans concerned about the variety the game will offer regarding game modes, Omega did his best to silence those concerns.

"I've heard some strange stuff like there are only singles matches, but I can happily say that is not the case," Omega told Sports Illustrated. "We will have tag team matches and tag team maneuvers, and the mechanics to those matches will feel vastly different from singles matches. You'll feel like you're in a tag match, and we're working diligently to have varied match types. This game isn't going to pull any punches. It's going to be physical, sometimes bloody, and we've got a very high weapon count for everyone to have fun with. The hijinks outside the ring are a lot of fun, and there's still Career Mode, too."

The former AEW World Champion is confident the release date will be revealed soon, saying that the game is "pretty close to wrapping up." Their primary focus now is getting through the final approval processes and perfecting the online game mode offered. "We really want to make sure that when people try to log onto the servers, they can do so without incurring any issues," Omega added.