Bayley On How The WWE Locker Room Feels About The New Company Leadership

Vince McMahon had been known to have a stranglehold on WWE's creative process during his long tenure as the company's Chairman & CEO. Now that McMahon has retired, it's opened the door for fresh ideas on the main roster and on NXT. 


During a Clash at the Castle preview show hosted by BT Sport, Bayley discussed what the atmosphere has been like behind the scenes now that a new regime is in place.

"I think it ultimately is just giving everybody hope," Bayley said. "It's given people in NXT hope, it's given people who've been released hope and that still wanna be here, and it just kind of feels like a new relationship where it's like anything's possible and everything's fresh and new. I hadn't been in the locker room for a year, so I'm asking around like, 'Hey, has it felt this good in the past year or is it just because I've been gone that I'm really happy to be here?' I've talked to people who have been in the company for 20-plus years and they're like, 'This last month has been life-changing.'"


Bayley said for the fans, it's exciting to see who will pop up next. She also recalled her reaction to Johnny Gargano returning to WWE and said she was just as surprised as the fans were.

On September 3, Bayley will team with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY to take on the "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss at Clash at the Castle.