Jim Ross Gives His 'Fan Boy Opinion' On Okada Possibly Signing With AEW For A Big Show

From the moment "The Rainmaker" made his debut in All Elite Wrestling, legendary commentator Jim Ross took a liking to the star, stating that there's "nobody better in the world." Speaking about the possibility of the five-time IWGP World Champion returning to AEW again, Ross had this to say.

"I believe somewhere down the road, this is not coming from Tony Khan or anybody else, it's just logical to me with the ever-building relationship with New Japan and AEW that somewhere down the road we'll see Okada in an AEW ring for a big show," Ross said, during the latest episode of "Grilling JR."

"Why wouldn't we? This may be fanboying with JR, wanting to do some amateur booking because I really believe Okada is absolutely amazing, absolutely amazing. We've got guys like Kenny [Omega], when Adam Cole gets back, there's dozens, Moxley. Moxley Okada, I'm buying. CM Punk Okada, I want in. I'll call that, I'll be there."

AEW and Okada's home promotion New Japan Pro Wrestling have had a solid relationship since the inception of Tony Khan's company, with stars from both brands jumping onto each other's shows. The cooperation between the two hit new heights when they came together to hold "Forbidden Door" on June 26 in Chicago, featuring cross-branded matches between AEW and NJPW talent.

One of the key standouts from the event in the eyes of many was Kazuchika Okada, with NJPW's megastar having faced Jay White, Adam Cole, and Hangman Page on the night. From the moment Okada stepped into AEW, the fans gravitated towards him, receiving a fiery pop the moment his iconic coin drop entrance music hit, and since, fans have been clamoring to see him reappear along with his fellow NJPW stars in Khan's company.

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