Ricky Starks Believes Top NJPW Star Would Make A Great Opponent

The phrase "forbidden door" is one that has been used frequently in the wrestling business ever since Hiroshi Tanahashi first uttered it. The term has led to regular fantasy booking amongst fans, and Ricky Starks himself has weighed in on who he'd ideally mix it up with if that door was to open for him. 

"I've gone on record to say that Naito would be a very great opponent to have," he told "Battleground Podcast." "In Mexico if this was like eight years ago, 10 years ago I would have definitely said La Sombra [Andrade El Idolo], but I can do that now since he already works for AEW. Those would probably be the main ones that I would think of ... that's really it." 

The idea of matches being possible for AEW stars against wrestlers from around the world certainly creates an exciting prospect for the fans watching the shows, as it creates an element of unpredictability. But, that doesn't mean that every wrestler themselves loves the idea of constantly thinking about potential dream matches. 

"I am not big into the 'oh, I am going to cross-over here and wrestle,' it's all whatever," Starks said. "I feel like whatever happens in terms of who I come across, that's what was meant to be. But, it's cool nonetheless to see some of these matchups that people come up with, or have actually happened."

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