Tony Khan Believes Bryan Danielson Had 'Star-Making Bout' With Young AEW Wrestler

AEW President Tony Khan believes Bryan Danielson played a crucial role in helping one of his young stars become a major player. Danielson had two standout matches with Daniel Garcia in August that turned a lot of heads.

Speaking to Yahoo! Sports, Khan expressed his belief that the two-out-of-three falls match between Danielson and Garcia on the August 17 "Dynamite" was key in building the PWG World Champion's resume.

"It was great to get Danielson back at the end of July after he had been gone for a few months and he has been a huge part of the show since he returned," Khan said. "He had a great comeback match with Daniel Garcia — it was more than a great match, I believe it was a star-making bout for Garcia. We built something really cool around 'The American Dragon' versus the 'Dragon Slayer.' It was a classic and one of my favorite matches we ever had on Dynamite. I think it showed that we can adapt and work to be a really good partner for Warner Bros. Discovery and promote their projects."

Danielson and Garcia remain in a storyline, but a possible alliance has been teased. On AEW TV, Garcia has found himself in a dilemma. Chris Jericho, the leader of the Jericho Appreciation Society, wants Garcia to choose whether he wants to keep being a sports entertainer or become a wrestler. While Garcia pledged his allegiance to the JAS during the August 31 episode of "AEW Dynamite," he ended up stopping Jericho from attacking Danielson with a chair. This allowed Danielson to nail Jericho with the Busaiku Knee.