Tony Khan Weighs In On Whether Sammy Guevara And Eddie Kingston Will Have An AEW Match

When Eddie Kingston said he didn't like Sammy Guevara during a live Q&A autograph session, he insisted that it wasn't a work. As it turns out, he was telling the truth as a backstage incident between the two led to Kingston being quietly suspended by AEW.


Kingston and Guevara sought out each other backstage at the August 31 "AEW Dynamite" taping to bury the hatchet. Now that things have seemingly cooled down between the two, it's left many to wonder if there will be plans to continue with their initially scheduled feud on AEW TV. AEW President Tony Khan was asked about it during a media call a few days before the "All Out" PPV and he wasn't optimistic.

"I'm not sure," Khan said. "I think it would be a great match and at one point the challenge was out there, but I'm not sure. It's something that obviously the two guys have not gotten along and sometimes that lends itself very well to a pro wrestling match to see people settle their differences in the ring. I think that's what we all like to see. So, I would certainly be up for it if it's something where they both wanted to sign the contract and get in the ring with each other, but it takes, in this case, three to tango and I'm there, but I'm only one of the three."


Kingston was expected to meet Guevara at "All Out" before the backstage incident occurred, and rumor has it that he was supposed to go over the heel.