Jade Cargill Says Bryan Danielson Got Her To Delete Twitter

Bryan Danielson is known for his disliking of social media, and he seems to be convincing his pupils to access their accounts less often as well. In a recent interview with TV Insider, Jade Cargill explained how Danielson was the one to convince her to take a break from Twitter and cut down on her screen time overall.

Earlier this year, Tony Khan mentioned that Danielson was mentoring Cargill, who, despite being the AEW TBS Champion, is only two years into her wrestling career. According to Cargill, social media came up in conversation during training one day, with Danielson proclaiming his belief that all "'90s babies" were overly-obsessed with social media. Cargill refuted his claims, saying, "I was born in 1992, I was around when the beeper was around, and landlines. I can live without social media." However, when Danielson checked the amount of time she spent on her phone, he was seemingly proven correct. Cargill continued, "He said he only spent an hour a day on his phone. I felt kind of embarrassed."

It was at this point that the TBS Champion was challenged by her mentor to delete one of her social media apps in an attempt to cut down on her time looking at her phone. "He said to pick the most toxic app. I thought Twitter. I deleted it." Cargill ended up being successful in taking a break from Twitter for roughly a month, though she has eventually made her return to the app ahead of her TBS Championship defense against Madison Rayne at "AEW Quake By the Lake" on August 10.