Triple H Reveals Plans For 'World Cup-Type Scenarios' In WWE

WWE has had a ground swell of news come out ever since Triple H took over as the Chief Content Officer, with one of his most notable moves being the end of "NXT UK" and the impending formation of "NXT Europe." At "NXT's" most recent premium live event "Worlds Collide," the "NXT UK" Championships were unified with the "NXT" Championships, signifying the end of the brand entirely, with the company looking forward to the future expansion of "NXT" outside of North America and into Europe.


During the WWE "Clash at the Castle" post-show press conference, the CCO Triple H spoke about "NXT Europe," stating how excited he was to have a big event in Cardiff and what the future holds for the company's new brand.

"One, very excited about NXT Europe," Triple H said. "I think the opportunity for us — NXT UK started here. We had large plans prior to the pandemic. We were about to make some big moves with it, and things happen in life, as Tyson Fury said. Sometimes we all get knocked back down. We gotta regroup and figure it out. I think with all that behind us hopefully now, the time to make that move is now and we decided to pull back on what we were doing so that we could advance to the next level. Sometimes [it's] tough to do at the same time."


NXT Europe to have world-cup type scenarios

As far as what the long-term goal of the brand is, the former WWE Champion related the brand to professional football in Europe, stating how he'd like to expand "NXT" as a global entity. Similar to that of European football, Triple H brought up how he'd like to launch competing brands down the line.


"So I think you'll see NXT Europe — and as I mentioned the other day in some interviews — I think the long-term goal in that is to be in markets all around the world with products that can eventually be competing against each other. World cup-type scenarios that are feeding into Raw to SmackDown and to WrestleMania."

"NXT Europe" isn't scheduled to debut until 2023, so fans of "NXT UK" will have to wait several months before the return of a brand they love.