Mick Foley Discusses His Upcoming WWE Projects

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley may be retired from in-ring action, but the former three-time WWE Champion still is active in other ventures. Foley has been an on-screen General Manager for "Raw," appeared in multiple different TV shows and movies, and has written multiple books, both for adults and for children. Foley has also done work for the WWE Network — which now is a part of Peacock in the United States — but Foley's next project will be part of a different major network, and he's now working with A&E on a new project.


"I'm only about 90 minutes south of Chicago filming a show for WWE," Foley said on a recent episode of "Foley is Pod." "I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it, but breaking news, I'm one of the hosts of the new season of 'Most Wanted Treasures,' and I'm really enjoying that."

A&E puts out WWE-related content such as "Biographies: WWE Legends," which tells the stories about the lives and wrestling careers of wrestlers such as Edge, Rey Mysterio, and Lex Luger, "WWE Rivals," which takes a deep dive into iconic rivalries of the past such as The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge vs John Cena, and of course, "WWE's Most Wanted Treasures," a show presented by WWE superstar Top Dolla, where the viewer travels across the country with Dolla in search of certain wrestling collectibles. The first episode of the first season in 2021 was about Foley, as they searched for Mr. Socko, an original Cactus Jack flannel jacket, and a Mankind Original Leather Vest, and Foley's continued participation in the program makes perfect sense.


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