CM Punk Reveals He Wore Another AEW Star's Boots At All Out

Prior to all the reported drama and backstage brawling following All Out and the media scrum, CM Punk defeated Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship. However, while Punk walked out of the ring as the victor, he did not do so in his own boots.

"I'm wearing Danhausen's boots, it's a true story," Punk said during the media scrum. "I assume it's like some sort of a reverse curse. I've had a real problem with footwear. I've been trying to find out what to wear and that's real life. ... Danhausen said, 'Do you want to try mine on,? and I'm like, 'They're a size 10,' and I put them on and they just magically fit."

Punk suffered a broken foot on the "AEW Dynamite" following Double or Nothing in June and had to undergo surgery.

Punk discussed how the injury occurred: "I did the stage dive, what an idiot. I must've hit my foot on the top of the guard rail, but I didn't feel it, and you would think that s*** would hurt, but when people caught me, they put me back down and I waited for FTR, and I'm standing on my foot and it just didn't feel right. ... The surgery was supposed be an hour, it wound up being like four and a half. I got three plates and 16 screws in my foot and I essentially have a new foot now."