David Otunga Officially Makes His Marvel Cinematic Universe Debut

Former WWE announcer and wrestler David Otunga made a short but memorable appearance in the most recent episode of "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" on Disney Plus.

The episode, titled "Is This Not Real Magic?," features a subplot involving Jennifer Walters attempting to find a date through a Tinder-like app. Otunga appears as the first in a series of dates that Walters goes on while in her She-Hulk form, after having no luck as a regular human.


Though his role is not large, Otunga certainly stands out due to his physique and sense of humor. Throughout the brief scene, Otunga's unnamed character quickly reveals that he is more interested in comparing She-Hulk's ability to lift weights to his own rather than pursuing a romantic relationship. Following their conversation, he rudely barks an order out asking for a waiter to come and help them.

Otunga had previously shown up in the show's trailer, causing fans to anticipate his appearance. Due to the nature of his role, it doesn't appear that Otunga will be a recurring character. However, it's impossible to say for sure, as Marvel has a history of bringing back minor characters for multiple appearances.


This is not Otunga's first foray into acting. The wrestler has played roles in films such as "The Call" and "A Madea Family Funeral" as well as making television appearances in "General Hospital" and "Criminal Minds," among others. Otunga's most recent WWE appearance was "WrestleMania 36" in 2020, where his group, the Nexus, was originally scheduled to reunite before plans were changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.