Former WWE Star On Why Jinder Mahal Steroid Accusations Make No Sense

On last night's episode of The Wrestling Inc. Podcast, former WWE and TNA star Matt Morgan weighed in on natural bodybuilder Nick Miller saying he believes WWE Champion Jinder Mahal should be tested for steroids. Morgan mounted a defense for Mahal, who has said that he's had "plenty" of drug tests with the company, and explained that he believes Jinder is indeed clean.


"I read something about some 'natural, all natural bodybuilder,' that's an oxymoron by the way. Um no, there is a real such thing? Talking about how he could tell all the telltale signs that how Jinder Mahal is taking enhancements," Morgan stated on Sunday's episode of the Wrestling Inc. Podcast. "Ok. Put this out there one last time to anybody that thinks this is true.

"I want you to go back and I want you to come up with all the stars that failed this Wellness policy," Morgan implored. "There are so many guys that failed this thing? That lost time, that they had to take the title belts off of, they had to do all types of things to recreate their TV because these guys were either on the gas or part of that pharmacy, Signature Pharmacy bust all the guys got screwed through? Where they were ordering steroids online, " Matt recalled. "...But a bunch of things have happened over time that cost guys time but more importantly, WWE their storylines. We're talking heavyweight champions here.


"So I'm just trying to make sure I'm understanding this correctly," Morgan stated. "Out of them all... all of them, right? We're going to let Jinder Mahal take steroids?! Are you high? Are you high? It makes no sense at all."

Morgan explained that he's drug-free himself and looks better than he ever has by following a strict diet. He talked about counting every single carb and protein he takes in and how he hadn't had a carb since 1 PM because he's getting ready for a physique show. Morgan talked about television adding weight and that if you saw Mahal in person, you wouldn't think that he looked as big. He believes Jinder is clean and that it makes so sense what so ever that WWE would let him take steroids.

A segment between Morgan and Wrestling Inc. Owner Raj Giri followed about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) where Raj brought up Ryback working for WWE with a TRT exemption. Raj also brought up Vitor Belfort dramatically changing his body with TRT. Morgan explained TRT is not made for someone to become some "big jacked up dude" and provided a counter argument. You can watch the segment that begins at the 47:31 mark in the video embedded above.

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