Austin Aries Trashes Brian Cage For Not Defending X-Division Title At Bound For Glory

Current Impact X-Division champion Brian Cage will be competing at Bound for Glory, but he won't be putting his title on the line. Cage won't even be involved in a singles match as he'll be in a six-man oVe Rules match and teaming up with Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

Austin Aries will be putting his singles title on the line at Bound for Glory and he joined our WINCLY podcast where he discussed Cage not defending the X-Division title.

"Obviously, you'd like your titles to be defended at major pay-per-views. I think most fans would agree with that although it doesn't mean that always has to be the case," said Aries. "I think it's funny, if you look at Brian Cage, the guy calls himself "The Machine." 265 lbs and spends a lot of time in the gym and eating chicken breasts. The guy comes in Impact Wrestling and instead of going after a guy like Moose or Killer Kross, who is he beating up? A bunch of guys half his size? Walking around like he's a big man.

"I was the X-Division champion and competing against guys mostly my size, and I dominated them. Then I stepped up and dominated guys double my size just like him. I'll be impressed when he gets in there with Moose or Killer Kross and let's see if he's doing the things he's doing now. He's an impressive athlete but he wants to do some flips and twists and dives. Have fun, don't get hurt. It's dangerous."

As the holder of the X-Division title, Cage can invoke Option C which allows the current X-Division champion to vacate the title in exchange for a title match against the World champion. Cage has elected to not use Option C much to Aries' dismay.

"I think maybe when he had to read what Option C was, he got a couple of sentences in and it was too much for him," Aries stated. "So I don't even know if he understands what Option C means. He might think it's some superset he can do to get an extra inch on his bicep or something. Who knows?"

Aries says that when he had the X-Division Title he thought it was the most important championship in Impact. He wanted to defend it on a PPV as, in his mind, that match would then become the main event.

"Now this guy wants to be in a six-man match with some Luchadors," Aries said of Cage. "That's cool."


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