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* At the King of Pro-Wrestling presser, Arthur and Trevor (finger pointing guys) show up to talk with Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi. Arthur wasn’t thrilled with the match that took place. Trevor asked if Cody getting involved in the match will cause problems in the Bullet Club again, they end up getting tossed out for being rude.

* SCU is in Las Vegas, at first they seem pretty happy to be there as we see clips of them dancing, drinking, and gambling. They bump into Chuckie T, who doesn’t seem thrilled by their presence. Cut to the next morning in a disheveled hotel, all three members are sleeping on the same bed. They wake up – hungover – trying to remember what happened the night before. Daniels ends up being all grumpy and saying this wouldn’t have happened if they partied in SoCal.

* Young Bucks on a long flight to Japan. Nick says they’ve done 50-60 tours in Japan in the last 10 years.

* In his hotel room, Kenny Omega gets a strange message slipped under his door, “Stuck in Japan, but looking for more? Why not come on down as entry number 4? -H.” Omega just crumples it up and walks back to talking on the phone. Another paper is slipped under the door, “Perhaps looking for an even better pay day? How about a singles match with AJ? – H.” Omega says, “maybe I’ll keep this one” and puts it in his back pocket. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Cody Rhodes, he has a piece of paper and tries to put it behind his back. Omega wants to see the note and it was just a Blue Chew promo ad, Cody gets all grumpy that Omega ruined the surprise and storms off.

* Nick and Matt walk by the Tokyo Dome as they head off to TGI Friday’s. Even though they admit they say this year every, they says this could be their last one. The guys check out a toy store to get things for their kids.

* Backstage, Chase Owens checks on Matt’s back. Cody jumps in for a quick DDP Yoga ad. Cut to Matt watching a DDP Yoga sessions and working out his back.

* Outside, Marty Scurll, Cody, Matt, and Fat Ass Masa surround Adam Page and question him about being in the news all of a sudden and not talking to his friends. Scurll gets all in his face and says he’s here to call Page out because they all know about his…new boots! Cody then reminds everyone at “All In” they agreed to stick together, and he knows someone might want to “develop” (looking at Page), or make a “rumble” (looking at Matt). Scurll responds, “Drop some weight, maybe to 205.” Cody says they’re sticking together and they all put their hands in the middle, Cody asks for Masa to do the same and he says, “I go to NXT” and walks away.

* Hotel room, Nick looks out the window, washes his hands in the bathroom, then hears a ticking sound. He starts looking around the room to find the sound.