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* Kenny Omega and Cody head into The Young Bucks dressing room and notice Nick and Matt are rocking scarfs these days. They start trashing them and say they are going to destroy both guys on Chris Jericho’s cruise. The camera swings around and Jericho has been standing behind Nick and Matt the whole time. Jericho says to never insult the scarf, they were specially made for the Bucks, Omega says they probably came from a dollar store (Cody gives him a high-five). Cody yells he’s going to go get Marty Scurll, and Marty is coming for them! Omega and Cody leave, Jericho just locks the door so they can’t come back in.

* Scurll, Nick, and Matt talk about their latest long travel days.

* Couple days later, Nick and Matt bump into SCU who also had a long travel day. Matt and Nick make the mistake of asking SCU what they like about Southern California and the group can’t stop with reasons they like the area. Everywhere Nick and Matt go, they bump into Daniels, Scorpio, and Kazarian.

* In Japan, Scurll tells Matt they need to do more team bonding and wants to hold a party on New Year’s Day. Matt seems reluctant because it’s January 1. Matt says that will be a “tricky day” because he doesn’t know what he’ll be doing. Matt can’t commit, Scurll gets all bothered, Matt freaks out and says everybody keeps asks him about that day and just wants to be left alone.

* SCU continues to bother Matt and Nick about why SCU is the best. The Bucks finally tell SCU they are actually from Southern California too and end up doing the same thing to them by showing up at random places to tell them why it’s an awesome area.

* Adam Page watches the last episode (on two screens) and sees Kenny Omega getting the same notes from “H” that he’s received.

* Nick and Matt in a dressing room. Both hear the ticking clock and see the countdown on their phones. Matt gives Nick a nod. Kazarian busts into the room with another SCU fact and then stops as the countdown continues to tick away.