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* Scoprio Sky smiles and says “God, I love a good Payday.” Matt Jackson responds, “me too” as he counts a bunch of money. The camera pans back to a sad Scorpio, who was just talking about the candy bar. Matt looks at the candy bar and tries eating some of his money.

* Young Bucks and Mrs. Matt are on the road again, they’re about to hit up a movie when they see a video game store with WWE 2K19…err, the latest Pokemon game!

* Matt and Nick sign some All In memorabilia for collectors.

* Bullet Club are together for a photo/autograph session with fans.

* Matt and Nick are in the ECW Arena in Philly for a ROH TV taping. Flip Gordon shows up and they guys say they haven’t seen him in awhile. A grumpy Flip says, “Yeah that’s because I haven’t been on Being the Elite since All In.” Matt says he feels like Flip’s character kind of peaked and tired of doing all the writing to get Flip over. He continues that Flip has to go out and grab those “brass rings.” Flip says he’ll do just that and prove it to them, just like he did to Cody. Flip leaves and the Bucks continue talking, Flip returns and superkicks both of them! “How’s that for grabbing the damn brass rings?” Matt and Nick seems to dig it.

* We see footage of an ROH event with Cody and Frankie Kazarian plugging their new cigar company.

* Adam Page is trying to eat when Arthur and Trevor show up, but it’s actually just Flip playing one of the guys. The actual Arthur and Trevor show up start critiquing Flip’s career and tell him he should go on a “spot fest.”

* Marty Scurll tries to get Nick Jackson to come to his New Year’s Day party, but Nick gives the same reaction that Matt did about not being able to commit. Scurll gets mad and stomps off.

* SCU goes to do their usual “this is the worst town I’ve ever been in” skit and Flip Gordon ends up taking over the entire segment.

* Cody sees some random note to him that says “I hope it still fits. – H” Cody flips open the suitcase and his old Stardust wrestling gear is in it. He looks around and holds up the gear.

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