Jeff Hardy Talks Sting Inspiring His Face Paint, Walking To The Ring With His Eyes Closed, More

WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy was recently welcomed by Portland's NBC KGW 8 into their studio as part of their "Tonight w/ Cassidy" segment. Hardy's appearance was in conjunction with WWE's SmackDown Live from the Moda Center this past Tuesday night in Portland.

At the top of the interview Hardy is asked about his face paint. Hardy revealed that his face paint is the first thing he thinks about when he finds out if he's having a match.

"The moment I find out I have a match my first thought is, 'Okay, what colors are you painting your face tonight? What design is it going to be?'," Hardy said.

Hardy went on to note that he needs at least an hour to be confident that his face paint design is going to be great.

While talking about his designs he also mentions that due to the fact he has to close his eyes when walking to the ring, "I almost trip over myself."

In regards to the origins of why he paints his face Hardy opens up about how it was WWE Hall of Famer Sting that inspired him. Apparently, as a child, Jeff was able to reach over the guardrails at an event and touch Sting on the shoulder.

"He had his face all painted and I said, 'I want to do this! I want to make somebody feel like he made me feel!'"

While he hopes that his face paint inspires young pro wrestling fans he concedes, "It's a different approach."

The segment ended with Jeff teaching the reporter how to lock up before going into his history in TLC matches.


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