The Austin Aries and Johnny Impact feud has become a little too real courtesy of Aries’ comments on social media. The Impact World Champion made several insults directed at Johnny including calling his wife Taya Valkyrie “husky.”

Aries hasn’t been remorseful with his comments and Johnny responded to Aries when he joined our WINCLY podcast.

“[Aries] framed the insults to my wife, the homophobic shot at my tights. He framed everything as a hypothetical, but really that was just a mechanism to give himself a way out after insulting my wife,” Johnny said about Aries’ controversial tweets. “The fact that he didn’t have any remorse is funny to me, this whole situation is funny to me.

“I feel so many emotions. I feel furious at times and sometimes I laugh because the Impact World Champion is tweeting about my wife. Really? What the hell? He couldn’t say that to my face?”

Johnny went on to saying that Aries calling Taya “husky” does cross the line. He said it’s unnecessary for him to have to go there, and to Johnny, it shows that Aries is very insecure.

Aries says everything he tweeted was in promotion of his upcoming match with Johnny at Bound for Glory. Because of that reasonsing, Aries has felt no need to apologize and Johnny was asked if he wants an apology.

“Yeah, he can say whatever he wants to me? But, I don’t even need an apology. He should recognize that calling someone’s wife husky on Twitter is crossing the line. If he doesn’t realize that, then he’s got a problem,” Johnny responded.

Johnny also said that it wasn’t just disrespectful to him and his wife, but Aries’ fat-shaming has no place in today’s society. Like many, Taya has battled eating disorders and hearing something like this definitely doesn’t help the cause.

“Taya is someone that has battled eating disorders. Taya is someone that has trained every day and works really hard,” said Johnny. “She’s had a medical problem that she figured out and is now on top of the situation. Him saying that is something that was unwarranted.

“…If he was looking for a way to win by making me angry, he did it. He figured out a way to make me so pissed off that I want to punch him in the face.”

Both Aries’ tweets and Johnny’s own tweets in response were eventually deleted. Johnny was asked if he went to Impact Wrestling management about the issue.

“No, that’s not how wrestlers deal with a problem like this. No, absolutely not,” Johnny vehemently said. “We both got calls from Impact management about the tone and language in our posts. This isn’t something I would bring up with management. This is something I would bring up directly with Austin Aries.”

Johnny went on to say that if management wouldn’t have intervened, then Aries would have never deleted his tweets, nor would he have deleted his own. Now he’s just focused on exacting revenge on Aries at Bound for Glory as he looks to win his first Impact championship.