SmackDown Live kicked off tonight with Paige addressing Samoa Joe’s heinous actions last week when he invaded AJ Styles’ house.

During her address, which can be viewed in the embedded player at the top of the post, Paige revealed that based on Joe’s actions she was prepared to fire him as a SmackDown Live Superstar.

Paige went on to say that before Joe could be terminated AJ Styles came to her and said he would not be pressing charges. He also said that he wanted to keep Joe active as a Superstar ahead of their “No Disqualification, No Count Out, No Excuses” battle at Super Show-Down so he could deal with Joe himself.

Tonight’s SmackDown Live has also featured a one-on-one match between Randy Orton and Tye Dillinger. This bout follows Orton’s hellacious beat down of Dillinger last week on SmackDown Live.

While Dillinger was able to show a lot of fire early in the match it was Orton that ultimately left the “Perfect 10” lying on the outside.

WWE has shared the following video on Twitter featuring Orton twisting Dillinger’s fingers in the ring turnbuckle during his attack: