Big Show did an interview with Busted Open on Sirius XM where he talked about Becky Lynch taking a stiff punch from Nia Jax on this past week’s Raw. The match between SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey was canceled for this Sunday’s Survivor Series because Lynch sustained a broken nose and severe concussion. Charlotte Flair took her place to go against Rousey.

The Big Show commented about what happened between Jax and Lynch.

“This is a physical business though it’s an entertainment business,” Big Show said. “There’s a predetermined outcome. All that we know, but you can’t fake gravity and physical contact happens. Nia [Jax] is a strong girl, and she caught Becky [Lynch]. And the thing I love about Becky, she took a full-blown shot to the face. Nose bleeding. You and I both know guys Bubba [Ray] that would be crying and whining like little babies if they took a shot like that. And what was Becky Lynch doing on the stage?”

Bubba Ray had the answer, “She was standing there like ‘The Man.'”

“Like ‘The Man’ grinning!” Big Show laughed. “Like, ‘That’s all you got?’ Oh my goodness, man give me goosebumps. Give me goosebumps. That? now to me, that’s business right there.”

Lynch was quick to respond on Twitter, asking if Big Show could get her out of “doctor jail.”

For those who missed what happened to Lynch on Monday, you can watch the fan video below.