Exclusive: "The Marine 6" Director James Nunn Explains Reasoning Behind A Huge Spoiler In The Movie

The Marine 6 was released last week with The Miz reprising his role as the film's star. For the first time in the series, the same director was used for multiple movies as James Nunn directed the film after also directing The Marine 5.

Nunn joined Nick Hausman on the latest edition of the WINCLY podcast, which drops this Thursday, where he discussed making the film and revealed he only wanted to be a part of it if The Miz also returned. Nunn then talked about the premise of the movie while also discussing a huge twist in the movie which affects the series' future.

"It's going to be two marines in the tenement flats," Nunn says of the premise that was told to him by the movie studio. "They're going to fight their way out and, spoiler alert guys, I'm going to say it...

"We're going to retire Mike [The Miz]. We're going to?oh, I don't want to say it! [Laughter] Oh, I'm going to say it ? we're going to kill Mike, guys. We're going to kill Mike.

"I said it! Oh my God! On the phone I was like, 'what did you just say? Can you repeat that?'

"They were like, 'yeah, we're going to kill him.'

"I went, 'I don't know if we should be doing that. This is crazy! Who does this? I've never seen a movie where they've done this. We should think about this."

Nunn then talked about how he needed to think about the film and its premise for a day before he truly committed to the project. He then thought it through and realized doing the movie that way would be amazing because it would be something different and unexpected.

"You can keep making Marine movies, but they're always going to be 'something in something'?there's only so many of them you can watch," stated Nunn.

That swerve with Mike being killed off obviously didn't detract Nunn from the film as he stayed on as the director. Miz' character being killed off also allows the series to shift directions and gives new breath to the franchise if it continue beyond the sixth installment.

The Marine 6: Close Quarters is available now on video and in addition to starring The Miz, Becky Lynch and Shawn Michaels are also featured in the film.