The Miz Says The WWE Championship Has Lost Prestige, AJ Styles Sometimes "Just Coasts"

The Miz spoke with Sky Sports before his match against Daniel Bryan at tonight's WWE SummerSlam PPV. Miz said once he's finished with Bryan, he's looking to go after AJ Styles' WWE Championship and bring prestige back to SmackDown's top title.

"I deserve to be in the WWE Championship match," Miz said. "So I said, 'Listen, if I defeat Daniel Bryan, I deserve to be in that match.' So, I'm hoping once I beat Daniel, I can face AJ, take that title, and bring the relevancy and prestige back to that title like I did with the Intercontinental [Championship]."

Miz was then asked if he felt the WWE Championship has lost some of its luster over the last couple months.

"Don't you? Name a time it's been in the main event," Miz wondered. "Why is it not in the main event? If the Universal Championship is on the card, why is that title not in the main event? Back when I was first starting in WWE there was not a PPV that didn't have the WWE Championship or World Championship in the top spot."

Miz then let it be known if he was the WWE Champion he would make sure it was always at the top of the card of every PPV. He event went as far to say that Styles "coasts" as champion, hinting that he could speak up more for the title he currently holds.

"One-hundred percent, I will make sure that everyone knows that this title belongs in the [main event]," Miz insisted. "I'll make noise. I know how to make noise, I really do, I'm really good at it. And sometimes I feel like AJ [Styles] just coasts. I mean, he's great in the ring, one of the best performers that WWE has ever had. He's the longest reigning WWE Champion, but I feel like I can elevate that title more than he can."

Again, you can see Miz's full comments by clicking here.

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