John Hennigan, aka Impact Wrestling World Champion Johnny Impact, was eliminated from CBS’s Survivor reality competition show on Wednesday’s episode.

This season of Survivor had a “David Vs. Goliath” theme where half the competitors were notorious underdogs and the other half were breakout successes in their occupations. Both sets of competitors were broken into separate “tribes” to start the season and competed against one another. Hennigan was designated a Goliath, but lasted long enough in the season to make it to the merge, where the remaining players became a single tribe. This was the eighth week of the competition with one castaway already voted off following the merge, Elizabeth.

Impact’s elimination from the show was a complete surprise and not without controversy. Heading into tribal council at the end of the show Hennigan seemed to be in a comfortable spot. The odds were in his favor, as he had lasted more than twenty days on the island and the Goliaths outnumbered the Davids.

The plan was for the Goliaths to vote off one of the Davids, Christian. Christian is a robotics scientist and had become a threat in the game with his ability to quickly solve puzzles. He also had become close with some of the Goliaths, including Hennigan, who affectionately referred to each other as “The Brochachos”.

Out of nowhere, one of Christian’s David team mates played an immunity idol that invalidated any votes cast for him. The next in line for elimination would have been Angelina, a Goliath, who also had a immunity idol played on her behalf. When the dust settled, the only other player who had votes cast for them at tribal council was Hennigan, who received three. Hennigan now joins Elizabeth as a member of the Survivor jury and will cast a vote in deciding who will be awarded the one million dollar prize at the end of the season.