Josh Mathews On The Importance Of Ratings After Being Asked If Impact Is Looking For New TV Partner

Impact Wrestling apparently isn't thrilled with Pop TV moving their banner show to 10pm on Thursdays and they are reportedly in the market for a new network. Impact's current deal expires on Dec. 31 but both sides are expected to extend their relationship into the early part of 2019.

That very topic was brought up by Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman during the most recent Impact media call. However, Josh Mathews didn't address reports that Impact is talking to other networks and he was vague about the future of their show.

"No, I think the best thing to do is? let's all find out together what's going to happen," Mathews responded when asked to shed light on Impact looking for a new network. "We all know that Impact is going to be around ? you know that was always the issue back in the day: was it going to survive? I think we're all past that and know that it will be around. It's an exciting time so we'll all find out together what the future holds."

A statement was then made by a reporter about Impact not getting great ratings on Pop since the move to late night. Mathews responded that their ratings are decent given the time the show is aired before Ethan Page jumped in and essentially asked if ratings still mean anything.

"The only question I have for you guys is? let's pretend I'm a reporter. Do TV ratings even count anymore with app viewing, streaming, TiVoing? How does that work," asked Page.

"I'm serious. In reality, no one's watching things as they air."

"Yeah, I'm with you," chimed in Mathews. "I have a few favorite shows and I have no idea what night of the week they're on. I couldn't tell you what night of the week they're on because I watch them when I want to."

Mathews said that looking at ratings only started during the Monday Night Wars and that fans of other programs don't care about those kinds of things. He also added that the only appointment-viewing left is live sports.

"This whole ratings thing? has become absurd," stated Mathews.