'All Ego' Ethan Page Comments On How He Was Contacted To Be 'All In'

Former EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Ethan Page was a recent guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to discuss his appearance at All In, WWE goals, and more. In 2015, Page stated that within 5 years, he will be signed by the WWE.

Page commented on whether that is still a goal of his with two more years left before his projection is up.

"I think it's still possible, and it's definitely still a goal of mine," said Page."It's where I want to be, and where I think I would fit best. But, if that doesn't happen in 2020, and if it happens the year after or the year before, it's not like I'm gonna retire if it doesn't happen kind of thing."

When I asked about what current WWE talent he would like to feud with if he does get signed, Page wants to rekindle an old rival.

"It would be cool to relive me feud with Johnny Gargano in WWE," said Page. "I also had feuds with him in AIW in Cleveland and AAW in Chicago. So, there's quite a bit of history there."

Page will be a part of the Over-Budget Battle Royal on the "All-In" preshow, with the winner getting an opportunity to compete on the main card. Page shared how the opportunity was presented to him.

"Cody Rhodes is the one that quote-unquote 'booked' me," Page explained. "It was via text message (laughs), that's how I got my invite. Originally, my plans were to just fly down there and film a bunch of my, I guess, talk shows... and then just being down there for the whole festivities of it all. That was my only plan. Now, I'm 'All In', so things worked out."

For a short stint, Page played the character of Chandler Park, who was the cousin of Joseph Park (Abyss). He stated that working with Impact was "great," and he would "love to work with them again." The reason why Page was contacted by Impact was due to them having a taping in Canada (Page is from Ontario), and wanted to extend their storyline with Joseph Park and Kongo Kong.

Page also talks about how characters still have a greater importance in pro wrestling, and you can hear the full interview below.

Source: Pancakes and Powerslams


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