Kurt Angle Welcomes "You Suck" Chant, WWE Editors Debate Which Champion It's Better To Be, Lio Rush

- As seen above, WWE uploaded a new "Head To Head" video on YouTube where WWE Editors debated which champion they'd rather be: WWE Champion or WWE Universal Champion. One side thought the WWE Championship was better thanks to its rich history, while the other picked the Universal Championship based on the unique style and freshness of the newer title.

- Lio Rush turns 24 year old today. Rush faced Josh Morrell on this week's 205 Live and won with the Final Hour Frog Splash. In addition to 205 Live, Rush showed up on Raw back in September to be Bobby Lashley's hype man/manager. He's since helped Lashley become one of the top heels on that brand.

- Kurt Angle commented on the "You Suck!" chants he still receives when he enters an arena. Angle noted when he was the "bad guy" he would hate that chant, now he can't wait to hear those two words. As noted, Angle lost to Drew McIntyre on this week's episode of Raw, and interestingly enough, Angle had a hand in planning that bout alongside Vince McMahon.


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