Mick Foley is a hardcore legend and WWE Hall of Famer, but those titles came from the work he did in the ring as a performer. Thus, you can forgive him if he felt a bit out of his comfort zone when refereeing the Hell in a Cell main event as many people noticed that Foley accidentally counted to three when Braun Strowman pinned Roman Reigns.

The match, obviously, wasn’t supposed to end at that point as Brock Lesnar would soon crash the party. Foley talked about his initial Raw appearance that led to him becoming special guest referee and why refs should get more credit for doing a tough job.

“Two things about that; Elias was awesome,” Foley said of the Raw segment in which he interrupted Elias to announce he would be the special guest referee. “You’re talking about a conduit who wasn’t even a part of the match, but his character was so strong that I was able to kind of segue from him and his singing to building a match and making that referee position as important as possible.

“Let’s just disregard the fact that I did count to three during the match. It’s a skill man! There was so much speed going on and I couldn’t stop it and it’s like, I just ruined the match.”

Foley had been off WWE television for about a year-and-a-half before reappearing in the lead up to Hell in a Cell. That wasn’t by accident as Foley didn’t want to make an appearance “just to make an appearance.”

He wanted a meaningful storyline in order to return and Foley revealed that is what brought him back as opposed to garnering a cheap pop at something like Raw 25.

“I did come back with an intent and purpose and that was the reason why months earlier I had turned down the invitation to be back on Raw 25,” said Foley. “Because I thought, let me come back when there is some substance to it, so I am glad that I did.”

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