Moose Says Eddie Edwards' Wife Alisha Should Leave Him And "Come To A Real Man Like Myself"

The Eddie Edwards and Moose feud rages on with no signs of stopping anytime soon. The former tag partners had a one-on-one match last week on Impact in which Moose was victorious after powerbombing Edwards onto the ramp.

At the end of the match, Edwards' wife Alisha came out to check on him and she may have unwittingly inserted herself into the feud. Moose gave his thoughts on Alisha when he joined Nick Hausman on today's edition of the WINCLY podcast.

"Honestly, I have no heat and no beef with Alisha," stated Moose. "I told her after I hurt her husband, 'Hey, I would take you out to dinner and order a nice bottle of champagne. Hopefully me and you can stay friends and be friends again.'

"My beef is not with her, it's with him."

Moose seems aware that saying he wants to go out with the wife of his rival certainly won't endear himself to the Edwards household. However, he reasons that he and Alisha were friends when he and Edwards were partners, and nothing should change now that they are feuding.

"I'm sure Eddie has female friends that have dinner with him," said Moose. "And I'm sure she wouldn't mind having a male friend that she could come to and talk to. Talk about things that aren't going on at home.

"I mean I was the guy that she would call before [Moose and Eddie split up]. What would be the difference now that me and her husband are not talking? What, you can't call me?"

After implying that he would be a better partner for Alisha than Eddie is, Moose then explicitly said what he was hinting at during the whole interview.

"Honestly, I feel like Alisha should probably leave him and come to a real man like myself," said Moose.

You can check out the full episode of the WINCLY below.

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