Natalya Shares Heartfelt Tribute To Roman Reigns

For Natalya, the news of Roman Reigns battling leukemia hit close to home. Couple of years ago, her uncle and legendary WWE Superstar Bret Hart revealed that he had prostate cancer, before making a full recovery. Over the past two weeks, Reigns has received overwhelming support from his peers; from various organizations sending their best wishes to the former Universal Champion, to the WWE Superstars showing solidarity and support to their colleague, the wrestling world has come together to express their love and admiration for the WWE Superstar.

While the likes of Braun Strowman have posted touching messages on their social media accounts, Natalya, in her recent column for the Calgary Sun, recalled the turbulent emotions the WWE Superstars went through backstage when Reigns announced that he had been living with leukemia for 11 years, and that it was back.

Natalya called Roman WWE's Superman and the locker-room leader, and also said that the WWE officials told the talent not to miss the opening segment of Raw, for it would change the direction of the brand.

"To me, Roman Reigns was WWE's version of Superman and he was our locker room leader on Raw", Natalya wrote. "I thought back to how hard he worked to realize his dream to win the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar and it made me sad to think everything now needed to be put on hold for him to battle this horrible disease."

Natalya ended her column by thanking Reigns for being WWE's Superman, and told the former Universal Champion that when he returns, he will be stronger than ever before.

Source: Calgary Sun


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