The Godfather Recalls Vince McMahon Telling Him His Plans For The Rock

Charles Wright is a man who was name by many names in the WWE including Papa Shango, Kama and The Goodfather. But his most popular gimmick was The Godfather and it's one he still uses to this day whenever he shows up on WWE programming.

The Godfather character really took off while he was in the Nation of Domination which was also the springboard for The Rock's WWE superstardom. The Godfather talked about Vince McMahon telling him plans to make The Rock famous when he joined our WINCLY podcast.

"Vince pulled me and Ron Simmons into his office," said The Godfather. "He says, 'Do you guys know who Dwayne is, who Rocky is?' I didn't know who he was, I guess he came in as Rocky Maivia at first and Ron knew who he was. He says, 'I'm gonna put this kid in the Nation,' and I swear this is what Vince said, 'I'm gonna make this kid the biggest thing wrestling has ever seen.'

"Then he says, 'I need your help. I tried to make him one thing [Rocky Maivia] and this time I'm gonna make him something else. I'm gonna put him in the Nation and once I get people to hate this kid, when I turn him they're gonna love him. And he was right."

The Rock's character was a collaboration between himself and McMahon, and the Nation of Domination provided the right platform. Godfather has nothing but praise for The Rock and says he deserves everything he's gotten in the entertainment world.

"The Rock was a super cool dude, nothing but respect for the guy," stated The Godfather. "If anybody ever deserved the fame that he has, it's him because he's actually a good dude."

While McMahon had a vision to get The Rock hated, he didn't let on to The Godfather exactly how he would go about in doing that.

"No, no he didn't hit us with that. If anything he might have talked to Ron and maybe Ron and Rocky might have talked about it. But we just went with things back then. You didn't complain. You didn't argue. You just did your job and you did it the best you could," said The Godfather.

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