As a member of The Nation of Domination, The Godfather’s stable engaged in feuds with The Disciples of Apocalypse (DOA) and Los Boricuas. DOA was a biker-themed faction led by Crush, and they often rode motorcycles around the ring during their entrances.

However, none of DOA actually knew how to ride motorcycles and had to be taught by The Godfather as he explained on our WINCLY podcast.

“You wanna hear a fun story about the DOA? I had to teach all of them guys how to ride motorcycles,” revealed Godfather. “None of them knew how to ride a Harley, so I had to go out there and teach them how to ride Harleys. Most of my life I’ve been a biker-cowboy more than a Godfather. I’ve always rode Harleys, all my life.

“I was teaching them how to ride one day and I flopped one out against the wall and started spinning and doing a burnout with the front wheel against the wall. I had it in fifth gear just winding this thing up and all type of smoke and all type of noise, and all of a sudden Vince appears. Vince says, ‘Charles, would you do that to your bike?’

“I said no I wouldn’t.

‘Well Charles,’ responded McMahon. ‘Why are you doing that to my bike?'”

Despite NOD feuding with DOA and Los Boricuas at the time, The Godfather says everyone got along behind the curtain.

“I’m sure you’ve heard about BSK,” Godfather says referring to Bone Street Krew, a stable of wrestlers who were friends backstage and was led by The Undertaker. “Well Savio was BSK so that says it all right there. I was pretty much friends with everybody, I didn’t have any enemies. I was friends with everybody including DOA, Los Boricuas. I had no problems with anybody.”

One of the most memorable segments during this time of various factions was when D-X impersonated The Nation. The skit featured X-Pac wearing blackface in order to mimic Mark Henry and it’s something that wouldn’t go over well in today’s society.

Godfather weighed in on the segment and said no one was thinking about it being racist back then.

“We didn’t take it that way. It was just us having fun. You look back at it now and your like, ‘wow, that would never go across today.’ Back then no one was thinking about it being racist, we didn’t think that way. We were just having fun,” Godfather stated.

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