– As noted, the next WWE 365 special will air on the WWE Network after Survivor Series goes off the air on Sunday. The one-hour special will focus on AJ Styles. Above is a new trailer for the show.

– Natalya discusses the recent WWE European tour in her latest Calgary Sun column, now online at this link. She wrote the following on how WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins visited various CrossFit gyms around the world while Sunil Singh makes it a point to visit as many Sikh temples as he can while on the road with WWE. There’s still no word yet on while Samir Singh was off the tour but the storyline reason was that he was working on big time deals in Bollywood. Natalya wrote:

Fitness fiend Seth Rollins loves being on tour to explore the many different CrossFit gyms around the world. He said, “No matter where we go, whether we’re in Manchester, Barcelona, Madrid or Frankfurt, fitness speaks to people the same way that WWE speaks to people. Fitness speaks a universal language and I’ve yet to go to a gym in Europe that wasn’t super welcoming and hospitable. My favourite gym to train at this tour was CrossFit Manchester. That place rocked.”

Sunil Singh honoured his Sikh religion on tour by visiting the Sikh temple (Gurdwara) in Frankfurt, Germany. Singh visits as many Sikh temples as he can while travelling the world with WWE. He said it’s very simple, “God has gotten him so far” and he “wants to pay gratitude.”

– Triple H took to Twitter today to congratulate WWE NXT Loud artist Nita Strauss on her new Controlled Chaos album. Strauss’ “Mariana Trench” is one of the theme songs for Saturday’s NXT “Takeover: War Games II” event in Los Angeles and she confirmed to us earlier that she will be in attendance but there’s no word yet on if she will be performing, as she has at several recent WWE events. Strauss and Triple H had this exchange: