Becky Lynch Responds To Nixed Royal Rumble Match, Braun Strowman Interviews Film Co-Stars, Lio Rush

- Above, Braun Strowman spoke with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly about their new film, Holmes & Watson, and if he's the biggest co-star they've ever worked with. Strowman himself will be appearing in the movie for a fight scene against Ferrell and Reilly. The movie is due to hit theaters on December 25.

- After an initial announcement was made that Asuka would defend her SmackDown Women's Title at the Royal Rumble against Becky Lynch, Paige went on to say the match isn't happening. Becky Lynch, who is used to calling people out on social media, took the time to address the turn of events. It is unknown when Becky will be getting a rematch for the title or who Asuka will now face at the Royal Rumble.

- As previously reported, Lio Rush got married this past week. The 205 Live competitor didn't leave Vegas without another memory. He ran into one of his wrestling influences: D'Lo Brown.

"When you're driving around Vegas after just getting married and see D'Lo Brown in your rear view," Rush stated. "Pulled him over and he says 'Lio Rush? You're the dude with that dope frogplash.' [And] I say, 'No, you're the dude that inspired my dope frog splash.'"


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