If you missed it, here is the recap of episode 127.

* Christopher Daniels is having two beers in a hotel room with the Young Bucks. He’s still bothered by what Flip Gordon said to him about not actually being SCU (he’s from Michigan). Bucks don’t have much sympathy as they’re actually from Southern California and they call Daniels a “transplant.”

* Young Bucks talking about how they took some time off to be with family. They mention they’ll be on the final NJPW World Tag League event.

* Marty Scurll is looking over his invite list of people he’s asked to come to his New Year’s Day party. He finally asks Gordon what he’s doing on that day, Gordon says nothing is going on. Scurll can’t believe it and invites him. Gordon is pumped and accepted the invite.

* Kenny Omega is looking at something and is mumbling to himself about a good looking salary. He gets a call from Scurll on the phone and says he has a bone to pick with Scurll about not sending him an invite for the party. Scurll says he knows how this is going to go, just like with Cody, Page, and the Bucks. Omega says he has no plans on that day at this particular moment and will come to it. Omega asks who else is invited, Scurll says it’s just him and Omega. Omega goes back to looking at his salary and says he think he wants that opportunity.

* Scurll then tells Gordon his party is full and he actually can’t come to it now. Gordon says okay and heads off.

* Adam Page on the phone talking to “Triple H” about the notes he and some of the other guys have received. Page says he’s loyal to Matt and Nick the most, so he’ll have to say no for now until he hears more from them. Yujiro Takahashi walks in and tells him to stop worrying about the other guys and worry about himself, then looks over the list himself.

* Brandi Rhodes asks Cody Rhodes (both who are in fur coats) how he’s feeling since he had that bout of the “money shakes.” He seems to be okay now and offers up some of his wine to Brandie, she reaches for it and starts shaking, then runs off. Cody then hears the ticking clock and checks his phone, which has the same countdown we’ve seen lately. Rhodes hand starts shaking and so does (his dog) Pharaoh’s paw.

* Sad music plays as Daniels continues to drink and look super bummed about his situation. A drunk Daniels stumbles around as we see flashbacks to what Gordon said about him. Daniels falls down on his beer bottle and gets up with a chunk of broken glass that cut his neck, he falls back down again.

* Matt is putting items on the Christmas tree and drops an ornament. He picks it up, still favoring his back a bit. Papa Buck walks in and notices Matt’s back is bothering him, says he should get that checked out. Matt gets all defensive and says he’s fine. He checks his phone and the countdown is just over a month. Suddenly, Nick is having another one of his premonitions. We see clips of “All In,” the guys looking at the countdown, a new year’s eve ball dropping, and Cody having the “money shakes.” Matt gets him to snap out of it and Nick just smiles.