Being The Elite #129: Blood Transfusions And Another Note From "H"

If you missed it, here is the recap of episode 128.

* Video starts at a hospital, Where Kazarian and Scorpio Sky are checking in on Christopher Daniels. Doctor tells them that Daniels has lost a lot of blood, and Sky cries uncontrollably. A blood transfusion is possible to help Daniels. They both say they are SCU Positive, the purest Southern Californian blood. Doctor says its not an ordinary type, but this is BTE, and they head on their way.

* A "Replacement for Marty" list is shown, one of the requirements being, "Very handsome, but not as handsome as Hangman." Cody is with Flip, who are coming up with ideas. They point out a guy who can replace Marty, who happens to be Jimmy Havoc. Havoc yells at Brandi for taking his drink and breaks her fingers, a la Marty.

* Young Bucks head to LAX where they are flying to Japan. They state this year is the most they ever traveled in the air. After a classic travel montage they reveal they were on the flight for 12 hours, and now must go through a long cab right before a three hour bullet train.

* Yujiro and Hangman enter Kenny and The Young Bucks' locker room, with Marty in it as well. Yujiro calls them all out on a variety of issues (no invites to parties, calling Kenny Lesnar), before leaving. Before the scene ends, he curses out Page as well.

* Sky is recovering from donating blood when Kaz comes in upset. He ended up getting a blood transfusion from his skull.

* Kenny and Kota are eating apples. Kota has a question for Kenny in Japanese. The Bucks come in and Nick can't understand what they are saying. Matt calls him out on it, saying he understands everything. He says they are talking about video games, the new Infinity War trailer, and the sex blowup doll at DDT. They all end the bit by calling each other dumbasses.

* Back at the hospital, and Daniels' blood transfusion was a success. Daniels talks about how he now has legitimate Southern California blood in his veins. Sky and Kaz got him a Monster, they hug and Daniels' robe opens up.

* Hangman is rummaging through Kenny's room. Nick and Matt barge in saying it is each their room. Page is looking for the note from "H", and another note arrives:

"If you choose to be our next big hire, all cease and desists orders will expire. Sign with a stooge, we'll wipe your slate clean. You remember my last note, it read Final Battle 2018" - H

* The last note is referring to something they received in a previous BTE episode.

* Marty ends the episode asking what they are doing in his room.


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