Booker T Returning To The Ring Next Month

Last night at Reality of Wrestling's Christmas Chaos 8 show in Texas City, Texas, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T made a return to the ring and accepted the challenge of ROW Heayweight Champion Rex Andrews for a one-on-one match at their show, ROW The Last Stand next month.

Booker T hasn't wrestled a match on WWE television since WrestleMania 28, losing in a 12-person tag team match. Following his illustrious career in WWE, he appeared in a variety of other wrestling promotions like Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling and the International Wrestling Association before creating his own wrestling promotion, the aforementioned Reality of Wrestling.

Since 2014, Booker has yet to compete in a match with WWE; he instead takes part in commentary, the expert panel discussion on PPV Kickoff shows, or has made the periodic cameo appearance on WWE TV.

As you can see in the video below, Reality of Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Rex Andrews called out Booker T and told him he has nothing left to offer him unless he steps inside the ring for one more match. Booker tried reasoning with him by saying he's done nothing but try to guide him and that everyone gets to the point where they want to test themselves. Booker T continued they can settle it in the backstage area with an exhibition match. Andrews says it's not good enough and he wants the competitor that Booker T used to be.

Booker T collected himself before delivering a kick to Andrews' abdomen and a couple chops to his chest. Andrews retaliated with a forearm and then the men wrestled off camera in a series of reversals, Andrews tackled Booker to the ground and then Booker rolls out of the ring. Booker grabs the microphone and tells Andrews, "Next month, show up and I'm gonna show out, Sucka!"

Earlier this year, Booker T appeared on as a guest on Steve Austin's The Steve Austin Show and talked about when he did return to the ring, it would be with Reality of Wrestling for one final match.

"Well, I'll tell you right now, man, if WWE was to call me and say, 'hey Book, we want you to do a match with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin,' I'd do it!" Booker laughed. "I'd do that in a heartbeat! I've scratched every itch I've ever had in the [pro wrestling] business as far as working [goes], but I want to have one more match at Reality Of Wrestling. My students, the guys that I mentor, the guys that I coach, these guys, they've got to know that their mentor, their sensei, can still go out there and still do it. Hey, I'm still the boss and I have to go out there and show these guys that I'm still the boss! It's very important for me to do it, but only here at Reality Of Wrestling. As well as my son.

"He's eight years old and he asked me just last week, he goes, 'Dad, what was it like when you [were] wrestling?'" Booker continued. "I had to show him some old YouTube [videos] and he goes, 'man, you [were] good! I wish I could have [seen] you.' Do you know what I mean? Let me show my son that dad can still go out there and hold his own a little bit, so that's important as well."


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