– Above is the full match between Kenny Omega and Jay White for the IWGP US Championship at NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo from January. Omega would go for one winged angel and it would get countered into White’s blade runner for the title change.

– Capitol Wrestling announced it will be partnering up with Anthem Sports & Entertainment as the promotion will join the Global Wrestling Network to feature its 89+ episode archive on the streaming service. As noted, Capitol Wrestling has already partnered up with FITE, along with launching their 24/7 streaming networks on the Zenither and Giniko USA platforms. Capitol Wrestling’s year has seen it produce three live Twitch Specials and over 52 episodes of original content for its Capitol Wrestling television series.

– Yesterday, Chris Jericho tweeted out there will be a huge announcement at 2 pm ET today regarding the Jericho Cruise. Back in October, Jericho held a multi-day cruise that featured stars from ROH, Impact, and NJPW where they wrestled on the top deck of the cruise. Jericho has said over the last couple weeks they have been in deep discussion about doing a second one.