Leading up to Bound for Glory, Eli Drake issued an open challenge for the event. With an unnamed opponent set to face him, speculation was rampant as to who would answer Drake’s challenge.

The most popular of those names to answer the challenge was Chris Jericho’s. Y2J was just coming off a surprise appearance at All In and he still had time to show up at Bound for Glory ahead of his cruise. Unfortunately for Impact, Jericho wasn’t involved in the match and Drake discussed if he would have wanted to step in the ring with Jericho.

“Hell yea I would have wanted that match,” Drake exclaimed on Impact’s media call. “It would have been a big, marquee match that obviously was getting attention. You’re talking about a big star known around the world so it would have been amazing to bring in Chris Jericho. Two guys who can talk. Two guys who can work. It would have been pretty damn good chemistry.”

While the Drake-Jericho match didn’t happen at Bound for Glory, Drake wouldn’t rule it out from happening in the future.

“Obviously it didn’t happen, but never say never. You never know what could happen,” stated Drake.

The person who did accept the challenge was James Ellsworth. Going from possibly Chris Jericho to James Ellsworth was, obviously, a let down for Impact fans, and also for Drake himself.

He was asked what he thought about Ellsworth showing up to answer his challenge.

“Oh boy. Well, that made it a little big of an easier hump if you will, just to get in and out of that one. At the same time, you hear everything going on on social media and probably just [laughter] a lot of people are glad it went the way it went. I’ll just put it that way.

Drake is referring to claims from an underage female fan that says Ellsworth sent her nude photos online. Ellsworth has denied the claims and labeled them as “a social media stunt devised to end my professional wrestling career.”