Jerry Lynn Talks Reaching Out To Cody And The Young Bucks For "All In", Their Rumored New Promotion

Former wrestling star Jerry Lynn hung up the boots five years ago but he has remained a presence in the wrestling industry. He first took to the commentary table at Ring of Honor before settling in as a ROH producer in 2016.

ROH played a big part in "All In" as the event featured many wrestlers from the promotion, and even though Lynn is no longer active, he still wanted to be a part of the show. Thus, he reached out to Cody and the Young Bucks to see if they could find a role for him at All In.

"Well I actually called The Bucks and Cody at All In and asked them if I could be a part of it," Lynn said at WrestleCade. "I admired what they were doing and I was honored and glad that they let me be on board with it."

Lynn got to step into the squared circle at All In, but it was as a referee, not a performer. Refereeing is something he's been doing a lot of lately in addition to his ROH producer's role.

There has been lots of talk about a new promotion that Cody and The Young Bucks could start up after the success of All In. Lynn was asked about potentially joining those guys if it really does happen.

"I don't know. I have no idea. It's not like I can pop up and be like, 'Hey! I'm here. Give me a job.' They've got to want you," stated Lynn.

While Lynn currently enjoys being a wrestling referee, he admits that it's not something he's planning on doing for the long haul.

"No, I think my days in the ring are numbered, even with the refereeing," said Lynn before adding why he favors producing over refereeing. "I like teaching the younger guys the little inside secrets to take them from looking indie-rific to professional. Stuff like that."