It’s been two months since the strange ending at Bound for Glory and many still don’t know what to make of Austin Aries’ actions. After losing the World Championship to Johnny Impact, Aries went rogue and no-sold Impact’s finishing move. Aries then began cursing out Impact VP Don Callis before making obscene gestures towards the crowd.

Aries’ Impact Wrestling contract ended after that match and he hasn’t been seen or heard from since then. Johnny Impact was asked on our WINCLY podcast if he’s had any communication with Aries since Bound for Glory.

“No. No communication, I don’t know what he’s up to,” revealed Impact. “Honestly, I hope he’s doing alright. I think he handled himself badly at Bound for Glory. I’m really proud of that match we had.”

Aries made some controversial comments ahead of the match including disrespecting Impact’s wife, Taya Valkyrie, on social media. Impact went on to say that when Aries was mad he would often displace his anger on innocent people and threw multiple tantrums.

“I think he’s got some deep-seated issues with himself. When I have issues with myself or situations, I internalize a lot of it. He did the opposite ? he took it out on me and the people around me, my wife, people that work for Impact and kind of threw tantrum after tantrum,” stated Impact.

“I don’t respect dealing with issues that way. I think it’s an immature way to look at life. Austin Aries the performer, the wrestler, the man ? I do respect because he’s talented and has busted his a– in this business for so long. But I haven’t talked to him and if the time comes, because I’m sure it will because wrestling’s such a small business, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say.”

Johnny Impact will defend the Impact World Championship he took from Aries at Homecoming on January 6. The event will take place from The Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee and Impact will put the World Title on the line against Brian Cage.

Check out the WINCLY podcast in the audio player below which features more from Johnny, including him discussing his upcoming Impact World Title defense against Brian Cage at Homecoming, Survivor and more. The episode also features all of the latest news and exclusive interviews with Justin Credible (taped days before his arrest), Flip Gordon, WWE Superstar Matt Hardy and Glacier!